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Hongfei Frank Yu
Meet Hongfei "Frank" Yu

No regrets as Yu completes his Husker journey

May 7, 2020 | by Jessica Ha

As Hongfei “Frank” Yu made his college decision four years ago, he challenged himself to make the most of his time.

From the moment Yu decided to join the “3+1” Program at Northwest A&F University in his native China, he knew he would face more transitions compared to his peers as he moved to the U.S. to complete his final year at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He knew it would be a life-changing decision as he lived in an environment with a completely different culture and language from his own. Nevertheless, Yu saw significantly more positive benefits that would impact his future success.

“What’s more important is that I would have more ways to observe the world, enrich my experience, and see more possibilities in my future, which I did,” Yu explained. “Now I have made it through these four years, got everything that I need."

Weclome Orientation for NWAFU students at UNL

With his true passions and strengths lying in chemistry and biology, Yu realized UNL’s food science and technology courses in the 3+1 Program were the best choice for his major. With the help of the university staff and especially International Student Success Navigator Chris Ebbers, Yu quickly adjusted to Nebraska after overcoming his initial jet lag and a bit of homesickness.

During his four years between both institutions, Yu focused on putting in the hard work to excel in his studies. He also dedicated his efforts to make his parents proud, who encouraged him to take this opportunity to study abroad.

I will cherish the experience at UNL… I can graduate without regrets and face the new chapter of my life.

Hongfei "Frank" Yu

In his final year at Nebraska, Yu continued his math- and science-intensive courses on Nebraska’s Innovation Campus. However, studying at UNL also allowed him to enroll in unique courses outside his major. Yu was thrilled to discover the “History of Rock Music” course, a class that quickly became his favorite memory as he learned more about his favorite style of music.

“Even though I had been a huge fan of rock and roll, before that, I never thought of taking the stories behind those marvelous songs and what rock and roll is,” said Yu.

Taught by Dr. Garrett Hope, Yu learned everything there is to know about the genre, including the different kinds of rock and roll, its origins, and its development throughout the years. Yu enjoyed being able to take a class based on his personal preferences and was truly fascinated with what he learned.

Sunset at Memorial Stadium on UNL campus

Another one of Yu’s favorite things about being a Husker is the school spirit, especially at the Husker football games. He attended the opening ceremony with friends and was impressed with how excited everyone was to cheer on their student athletes.

“Everyone was gleeful, yelling ‘Go Big Red!’ and watching those young athletes practicing. I’ve always had a great passion in learning things about football and wanted to watch a real game, but I only got the chance watching Super Bowl on the TV,” said Yu.

Upon earning his degree this spring, Yu will embark on a new adventure to the Netherlands, where he will be completing his master’s program in food science at the world-renowned Wageningen University. Even as he travels his next thousands of miles to Europe, Yu knows he won’t be forgetting his time at Nebraska any time soon.

“Graduating from Nebraska is another turning point in my life, but also a brand-new start of my upcoming adventure. I will cherish the experience at UNL,” Yu said.

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