International Student Guide

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Welcome to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln!

This guide is a one-stop resource for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's international students. Each page covers important information to ensure a smooth transition and a success at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 

Before you arrive, here are two essential items to review:

We want you to be prepared before arriving at UNL, and have created two essential guides (translated into 14 different languages) of what you'll need before you arrive, and the steps you need to take before starting classes. 

For Incoming Undergraduate Students, please view the following: 


For Incoming Graduate Students, please view the following:

   Incoming Graduate International Students

At UNL, international students have the opportunity to study at a top 50 public university in the United States, while enjoying living in a city with a small town feel. In fact, below are a few areas that UNL international students have reported satisfaction rates that exceed the national averages:

  • Safety
  • Living cost
  • Campus environment
  • Social activities
  • Recreation facilities
  • Learning support
  • Research
  • Quality of Lectures
  • Good teachers
  • Counseling
  • Work experience
  • Class size
  • Career advice