Prospective Scholars

ISSO helps UNL faculty and staff bring international scholars to UNL for academic purposes. If you're an international scholar interested in visiting or working at UNL, you should contact academic departments or individual faculty members directly.

New Scholar

Now that you've chosen to come to UNL, your next step is to obtain a visa and travel to the U.S. The ISSO is here to help.

See the New Scholar menu to the left for information about applying for a scholar visa, what to bring with you to UNL, and what to do when you arrive. 

Once you've settled in and begun your work at UNL, you'll be a Current Scholar. It's extremely important to maintain your immigration status through the duration of your stay.

See the menu above for your specific visa type. Your classification (usually J-1 or H-1B) dictates the rules of your employment and traveling during your time in Lincoln.

If you have any questions about maintaining your status or your visit to the U.S., contact an ISS Specialist.

J-1 H-1B