Renting Off-Campus

Checklist for Living Off-Campus

Before You Sign a Lease...

Ask an Attorney to review your lease
Can you live with the terms of this lease? Which utilities (for example heat, electricity, water) will you be responsible for paying? Check out the cost of utilities by calling the provider. How much is the security deposit? UNL students have access to an attorney on campus who will review your lease free of charge. Contact ASUN Student Legal Services in person at 335 Nebraska Union, by phone at 402 472-3350, or at our website for an appointment.
Carefully examine the apartment
Do the appliances work? Do the walls need paint? Is parking provided? Laundry facilities? Remember, any promises made by the landlord must be in writing to be enforceable. Promises can be written on the lease agreement and initialed by the parties.

Things To Do on Move In Day

Document the condition of the apartment
Take photographs of the apartment, especially anything that is broken or needs cleaning. Fill out an Apartment Inventory to document the condition of the apartment on the day you moved in. You can download an Apartment Inventory from SLS here.
Contact the landlord in writing if repairs are needed
Communicating by telephone or email is acceptable, but you must also communicate in writing to document the date of your request and the exact repair required. All rental property in Lincoln must meet the Minimum Housing Code standards of safety and habitability. If you think your apartment has been delivered to you in very bad condition, contact an attorney at Student Legal Services to find out what you can do.