Request a Visit

Request A Visit

The Office of Global Strategies (OGS) coordinates and supports all UNL global activities on campus and abroad, including international and transnational research, teaching, and outreach. As such, the OGS hosts delegations and organizes agendas for representatives of universities, government agencies, research institutions, industry, and other organizations wishing to meet with UNL faculty, administrators, and staff, to establish new, or expand upon current, strategic international partnerships.

Our current and prospective international partners visit us from across the globe and we want to ensure that meetings on the UNL campus are productive. We therefore ask that you complete the Visit Request Form below so that we may introduce you to faculty, administrators, and staff (as necessary) that will potentially have common interests and expertise with members of the delegation. If you are a current international partner, we also schedule meetings with your collaborators and when applicable, we will expand connections on campus to other academic areas, based on the information you provide us. 

We ask that you submit this form, if you wish to:

•    Explore collaboration with one or more UNL departments/schools that could lead to a partnership with UNL;

•   Discuss or expand an existing partnership, or if you are a university-affiliated researcher, government or diplomatic office, education provider or research organization;

•    Inquire about potential collaboration with UNL and you would benefit from meeting with faculty and/or administrators whose interests align with the goals of your visit;

 If you are a UNL administrator or faculty member interested in inviting international partners to campus to explore potential long-term partnerships or to build upon current collaborative efforts, please fill out this form or ask your international potential collaborators to do so. 

Please be aware that international visitors are responsible for their own travel arrangements and for securing local accommodations. 

Proposed Arrival Date
Proposed Departure Date

For questions, please contact:

Office of Global Strategies
Love Library South, 110