Student Accounts & Banking Information

Attention! Important Alert!

You must update your email address as well as your local address of residence in MyRed whenever it changes at:

Tuition & Billing

Your tuition rate is based on the Instruction Mode of each course. The Instruction Mode means the way a course is taught. Courses may be taught in-person or online (online is sometimes also called “distance education.”) Your tuition rate is also based on your class standing. Undergraduate tuition rates are different from graduate tuition rates.


I-20 and Proof of Financial Responsibility

Please note that the Office of Admissions will require you to demonstrate your financial resources by uploading a certified bank statement via your MyRed account. Once reviewed and approved, you’ll be able to request an I-20 that is needed to secure a visa. By explaining your financial resources you are showing proof to Student Accounts that you have the ability to pay your tuition and fees at the University of Nebraska. Payment should be sent to Student Accounts after the bill has been created with all fees. This proof does not serve as payment to Student Accounts.

Information for Parents

Students are billed online on the University of Nebraska student information system called “MyRed”. MyRed can be accessed here. On the MyRed portal system is where students can view their bill and make electronic payments. In order for parents or guests to have access to a student’s MyRed account, the student must grant access using the “Grant Parent/Guest Access” link within their MyRed account.

Once a parent or guest has been granted access, the student will need to provide the parent or guest with a student ID number and password to login to MyRed. When you login you will see several links. The "Student Account" link is where you can click to view a student's bill and make payments.

If you are a parent or guardian wishing to view your student’s bill or make electronic payments, please click HERE for instructions.

Paying your UNL Bill: Payment Options

There are several ways to pay your University bill. You may pay your bill in person or online using MyRed.


Changing Your Course Schedule & Refunds

Students are able to change their course schedule up to a certain date by adding or dropping courses online in MyRed or by visiting the University Registrar’s office in Room 107 of the Canfield Administration Building. When you drop courses you may be able to receive a refund, depending on when you drop the course. The later in the semester you drop the course, the smaller the refund you will receive. It is recommended that you visit your Academic Advisor before making schedule changes. To see a timeline for the current academic year, see the "refunds" section of the Student Accounts website HERE.