Your Story - Without Borders

Internationalize your Education

Around the world, doors open for those who can easily move across cultures, languages and national borders. Endless opportunities await you because you understand the world, embrace its endless diversity and welcome its impact on your life. Your story starts today--and it has no borders.

Start to Write Your Story Today

The time is now. Create the experiences and take the courses that will set you apart when you graduate and begin your career or move on to graduate school. You’ll get noticed.

It Won’t Set You Back

In fact, it will do just the opposite. Plan ahead and experience the world before you graduate. Work with your advisor and you can still graduate right on time. Until then, the whole world awaits you

There are Many Ways to Do It

Add a global minor to your program: think Global Studies, International Agriculture & Natural Resources, or a foreign language: Czech, German, Russian, and Spanish, to name a few at UNL.

Befriend an international student when you join an internationally-focused student organization or learning community. Attend the EN Thompson Forum on World Issues for a global perspective.

And don’t miss out on education abroad: study, intern, research or perform service learning in a foreign country. Scholarships are available to get you there.

Change your life: write your story--without borders.