Global Funding Opportunities at UNL

Global Engagement Funding Opportunities

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) has had a long tradition of global engagement on campus and abroad. We are committed to providing opportunities that mutually benefit our students, faculty, staff and peers around the world through various grant programs. We invite faculty to explore the ways in which our funding programs can help you advance your needs.

UNL encourages faculty to increase global perspectives in their courses and programs through globally-focused topics, regional histories and perspectives, foreign languages and literatures, and disciplinary insights from different regions of the world. Such experiences are essential in order for students to develop a global mindset and the skills they need to contribute meaningfully in our rapidly changing and globalizing world.

In an effort to meet such goals and strengthen the university's global engagement, UNL, in partnership with the broader University of Nebraska (NU) Central Administration, offer various teaching and research grants to faculty for upcoming academic years.

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NU Central Grants

The University of Nebraska (NU) system is also supports global engagement building on a tradition of success with international activities that will improve the educational outcomes for students at all institutions in the system. NU central administration periodically offers globally-focused grants to eligible faculty across all four campuses of the NU institution. Below are the current available funding opportunities administered by NU Central for the upcoming academic year.


There are no grant opportunities available at this time.


UNL Grants


There are no grant opportunities available at this time.


External Grants

Below are external grands and funding opportunities that relate to campus internationalization efforts. Additional funding opportunities can be discovered on the Office of Reseach & Economic Development website.


Cooperative Agreement for Climate Adaptation and Mitigation
Department of Commerce, Due: May 24, 2021

The NOAA Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Program (CAMP) supports research, programs, projects and other activities related to NOAA's mission, primarily through collaborations among scientists and professionals in areas of mutual interest across the full spectrum of NOAA climate sciences. This cooperative agreement will focus on the following four priority areas: 1) Improved scientific understanding of the changing climate system and its impacts; 2) Scientific assessments of current and future states of the climate system that identify potential impacts and inform science, service, and stewardship decisions; 3) Mitigation and adaptation efforts supported by sustained, reliable, and timely climate services; 4) A climate-literate public that understands its vulnerabilities to a changing climate and makes informed decisions.

Eligible applicants must be academic institutions of higher learning which offer doctoral degrees in NOAA-related sciences; consortia of academic institutions of higher learning which offer doctoral degrees in NOAA-related sciences; or non-profit research institutions. Multi-institution applications will not be accepted.

Awards: 1 award of $50,000,000 over 5 years



International Agricultural Education Fellowship Program, Due: June 17, 2021

The International Agricultural Education Fellowship Program (IAEFP) will provide opportunities to eligible U.S. citizens with a bachelor's degree and agricultural experience, curriculum development, or program development to assist developing countries in establishing school-based agricultural education and youth extension programs. The intention of the IAEFP is three-fold: 1) to develop a diverse group of globally-minded United States agriculturalists with experience living abroad, 2) to collaboratively meet the food and fiber needs of the domestic population of eligible countries, and 3) to strengthen and enhance trade linkages between eligible countries and the United States agricultural industry.

Awards: 1-2 awards of $500,000 over 3 years



Last updated: May 17, 2021