Using University Health Center Services

For students with UnitedHealthcare StudentResources insurance, most services at the University Health Center are 100 percent covered, including medical procedures, visits with medical specialists, annual exams, laboratory tests, x-rays, physical therapy, and counseling and psychological services. For dental services, two check-ups are 100 percent covered and other dental services are partially covered. At the University Health Center pharmacy, most prescriptions have lower co-pays. 

For all students who have paid student fees, there is no additional charge for your first five visits to the medical clinic per calendar year. These visits do not include immunizations, laboratory services, medical procedures, preventative exams, prescriptions, psychiatric visits, routine physicals, or X-rays. Other restrictions may apply.

Medical Clinic

Conditions treated include acute minor illnesses (cough, sore throat, stomach illness, skin rashes, etc.) and chronic conditions (asthma, diabetes, etc.). Allergy shots are also offered, as well as immunizations (including flu shots). And when you’re planning for a trip outside the United States, visit the Travel Clinic to receive pre-travel counseling and immunizations.

Specialty Clinic

Services include dermatology, optometry, orthopedics, and transgender care.


The University Health Center Pharmacy offers prescription drugs, and a wide variety of non-prescription products, many of which are less than $5. Remember to bring your insurance card every time you visit the pharmacy. If you are transferring a prescription, bring the bottle or label from the other pharmacy.


The University Health Center Dental Office offers complete dental exams and cleanings.

Counseling & Psychological Services

CAPS staff provides individual, group and relationship counseling. Same day appointments and after hours assistance is available for students with urgent concerns by calling 402-472-5000 and following the prompts. You do not have to speak excellent English to talk with us. Counseling in your language may be available. Services are confidential. 

Physical Therapy

Our Physical Therapy team offers the evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries and conditions affecting muscles, bones and joints.

Nutrition Counseling 

A registered dietitian is available to help you tailor your diet to meet your personal health needs through an individualized, collaborative approach.


Our lab team provides a full-range of diagnostic tests, including certain STIs, Flu, Strep, and wellness profiles.


Our radiologic technologists provides diagnostic x-rays on site.

Health Promotion & Outreach

Our staff of full-time employees and Nebraska students create events and presentations for students to become more aware and better educated about their health and wellness in order to make more informed choices. They also run a free HIV test site and protection connection (, a free safer sex supplies program.